A Treasure Trove of Useful Programming and Architecture Tips

Who is Sean Ireson?

Well, I'm a software engineer who's started out in Video Games and is now in Finance. I've been working in C# since 2005 as an intern with Ubisoft Entertainment in Montreal, Canada. I made the switch to Finance in 2007 and have worked in Paris, France for several years. I've worked with Société Générale, Dexia and Crédit Agricole CIB while there.

I now live in London, UK and am working as a freelance software developer.

As much as I would define myself as a developer, I also like to think of myself as a software architect. I've seen a little too often in my young career how clean architecture and best practices are thrown out because of lack of adequate planning, rushed deadlines and a lack of understanding of the concepts and advantages from higher up.

I'm a big believer that clean code, agile development, testing and (some) design patterns are all key in building and maintaining a business application of any importance.

As for personal projects, I'm into developping apps for Android and learning Haskell.